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A Loyal Android Fan Praising Apple

iPod Nano 3G Pic
If you are a loyal Apple fan or a loyal Android fan, the title of this blog post likely surprised you. Why on earth would anyone give praise to the opposing team? Most Android loyalists are quick to t.... read more

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The Best Brightness App

Best Brightness App
The Android operating system is now the world's most popular MP3 player operating system, with well over 1 million new activations of the system each day. I personally love the system, but it does not.... read more

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Keep Your Device Safe: Inside and Out

Gadget Case
Are you trying to decide if you are going to purchase a new MP3 player? Device demand has never been higher, and prices have never been more reasonable. However, one of the biggest problems with a new.... read more

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Is Physical Media On Its Way Out?

Physical Media Pic
With companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble developing e-readers and e-books left and right, many people have begun to wonder if the physical book is dying off. These new e-readers, like the Kin.... read more

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How Electronic Screens Affect Us

ebook Reader Screen
Most of us have been told the common adages by our parents that revolved around things like sitting too close to the TV screen or holding a book too close to your face and believe that these can cause.... read more

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Ubuntu Touch: The Next Big Platform?

Ubuntu Touch Devices Pic
With iOS and Android dominating the MP3 player market, not a few people have wondered if any other players will come in and prove themselves as the solid number 3. Many people feel that it's about tim.... read more

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Are Android and iOS Really Competitors At All?

Apple MP3 Players Pic
It could be the most ferocious rivalry of this century. It's a question that has sparked heated debates across the world: Which is better, Android or iOS? You could walk into a room full of people and.... read more

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